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Peace is available to you at all times. All you have to do is bring your attention to it and embrace it. It is not as elusive as you might think.


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Internet at Gaia Sagrada

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Internet Access

Internet speeds at Gaia Sagrada are comfortable for emailing, Facebook, blogs, or forums, but not for audio or video types of internet activities. If you are by yourself and no one else is using the internet at the time you will be able to make a Skype phone call, possibly two people can use Skype at a time, but three at the same time cannot.

We ask that you PLEASE do not download large files while you are here at Gaia Sagrada. You can always use the internet cafes in Cuenca or Gualaceo for internet needs that we cannot service. The bandwidth must be shared by all here at Gaia Sagrada. It's a miracle that we even have internet here for checking emails! This costs $600 - $900 per month for what little bandwidth we have in the country. We hope you can understand.

Besides, you're on retreat! Maybe it would be good to let go of endless cruising and video watching, and simply check your email now and then. This is YOU unplugged, a beautiful song indeed! Connect with what is right in front of you in this present moment and truly be here now. Enjoy the nature blessings, sit in the sun, and be at peace with the sounds and activities around you. This is real life at Gaia Sagrada!

Internet Access for Laptops

At the community center area, you can access internet on your laptop. We have wifi that everyone can use. All around the community center, internet is accessible, so you can sit outside too, if you like.

Phone Lines

If you need to make an emergency phone call you can do so on our phones. We will not be able to facilitate a private area for your call, as you will be on one of our employee's computers. Call prices vary depending on how long your call is and where it is to.

If you are in the city of Cuenca, Gualaceo or Paute, or for that matter anywhere in Ecuador, there are multitudes of telephone "cabinas" where you can make long private calls to anywhere in the world for a fairly low fee per minute, probably lower than we can help you with at Gaia Sagrada.

Also, if you are calling at a time when no one else is using the bandwidth in the community area you can use your own computer to make skype calls if you have this program on your computer.



Joy is a new emotional habit you can teach yourself to hold, so fake it 'til you make it and force yourself to feel joy, until eventually it becomes what you really feel.


gaia sagrada


Training yourself for a new emotional habit takes some time, but it's worth it!

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