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Watch what you eat, watch what you think, and only let in things of a joyful nature.



ayahuasca diet


Poisoning yourself with low vibration foods or thoughts not only pollutes your body, but also your mind and emotions.

Ayahuasca Dieta, Diet
Food Guidelines
Ayahuasca, Shamanic Dieta, Food Guidelines

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It is required that you follow the special cleansing diet that is observed in the days and hours before ceremony, as your body needs to be clean and ready for this journey in consciousness. Your body should be in a natural state for safe experiences with Ayahuasca or San Pedro.

Do not eat the following foods for at least 3 days before an Ayahuasca or San Pedro ceremony

Dairy products: milk, cheese, yogurt, sour cream, and eggs that are not raw
Pickled or fermented foods
Meat or meat products
Salty foods
Sugary or sweet foods, including honey
Hot or spicy foods
Fried fats or oils (raw olive oil is ok)

Refrain from sex for 3 days before Ayahuasca or San Pedro ceremony. This is part of the shamanic dieta that must be followed before ceremony.

DO eat as much of a raw diet as you can, specifically fresh fruits and vegetables. If you can do this for about two weeks before an Ayahuasca or San Pedro ceremony, even better! These plant medicines seem to “know” when you’ve been bad or good in your diet, and your experience will reflect what is in your body. Make sure your body is a clean vessel in which this plant medicine and plant teacher can function for your better good. If your body is not “clean and ready’ for this experience, the plant teacher seems to know somehow.












A clean body is a perfect vessel for a clean heart and a clean mind.



ayahuasca diet



Make sure you do regular housecleaning with your diet!



shamanic dieta


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