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Awakening happens in an instant. It doesn't take years of spiritual searching to awaken. You can awaken right here and now, in this moment, and realize in this instant that you are eternal being in human form.

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Visit Starlight Journal to read lots of articles on various spiritual subjects. This is the archived quarterly newsletter from University of Metaphysical Sciences from 2004.

Fall Winter 2007

Cover Art Artist Info
Christine Bowman
Awakening To Values, Intentions and Destiny
by Mick Quinn
Crystal Healing
by Charles Lightwalker
Essence Of Quality
by Aaron Hoopes
by Jeremy Chapman
God Forgave Me So I Forgive You
by Harold E. Palmer, JR, BSN, M. Div.
by Marshall Ball
Lets Adore One Another
Way Of The Wiggle
by Rodney Collins


Fall 2005
September, October, November

Tender (metaphysical poetry)
By Dave Pollick
Hurricane Katrina & Spiritual Viewpoints
Christine Breese, D.D., Ph.D.
Honoring The Revelation By Being That
Spoken by Papaji
The New Age (or the Aquarian Age) & World Government
G. Kumar
From Biology To Triology

Written by Sol Luckman
Storm (metaphysical poetry)
By Rowan Parker Greene



Spring 2005
March, April, May

The Tsunami & Meetng Death
Christine Breese, D.D., Ph.D.
My Heart Is Longing
Devon Love
7 Qualities Of Loving Partnerships
Susan Vaughn
Native American Studies
An Excerpt From A
University of Metaphysical Sciences Course
Survival & What Matters
Dion Maskelaris
A Fond Farewell To
Hard Copy Of Starlight Journal

Spring Horoscope 2005

Kendra Anderson



Winter 2004 - 2005
December, January, February

My Visit
Dionysos Maskalaris
How Secret Is Tai Chi?
Elaine Waters
Susan Vaughn
Healing The Harm Of Gossip
Christine Breese, Ph.D.
Belly Deep Miracle
Jerome Bearbower
Divine Help Is Here
Vikee Vaughn
Cover Art



Fall 2004
September, October, November

Cover Art
Purify Thyself
Susan Vaughn
Feldenkrais Reduces Stress
Cathy Butler
Reality As A Means
For Evolution

Sarah Nadich
Falun Gong
Bill Timm
Glorious News!
Viki Vaughn
Kendra Anderson



Summer 2004
June, July August

Alchemical Coat Of Arms
(metaphysical poetry)
Lucera Love
Characteristics Of A Master
Important Celestial Event!
Viki Vaughn
The Physics Of Energy Medicine
Marguerite Schenken
The Pursuit Of Success
Christine Breese, D.D., Ph.D
Soul Mates & Love
Susan Vaughn
Kendra Anderson
Cover Art



Spring 2004,
March, April May

Cover Art
Monica Van Devender
Living In The Flow
Michael Blair Schleyer, Ph.D.
The Challenge Of Doing Nothing
A List To Live By
(metaphysical poetry) Anonymous
Rumi, Subtle Degrees
(metaphysical poetry) Rumi
Following A Calling
Seabury Gould
The Real McCoy
Susan Vaughn
Nesting Of Emotions & The Black Hole
Eli Jaxon-Bear
Emotions Lead To...
Jane Roberts, Seth
How To Practice Pranayam
Christine Breese
Kendra Anderson


Winter 2003-04
Dec, Jan & Feb

Telescopes & Horoscopes
Khafiz Wrobel
Dilemma With Spiritual Seekers
Trance Induction Of Human Being
Eli Jaxon-Bear
Chasing Bliss
Christine Breese
Differences Between Men & Women
Susan Vaughn
Communion With The Elements
Bryeon Earle
Massage For The Growing Child
Sabrina Alexandria
Kendra Anderson
Cover Art


Fall 2003
September, October, November

Healer Heal Thyself
Marguerite Schenken
You Are Your Brother's Keeper
Christine Breese, D.D.
The Self Is Infinite
Jane Roberts
Healing Anything & Everything
Through The 12 Steps

Susan Vaughn
Consciously Creating Your
Future & Astrology

Khafiz Wrobel
The War Inside You Can End
Eli Jaxon-Bear
Be(metaphysical poetry)
Jeremy Chapman
What Could Happen Again
(metaphysical poetry)
Angela Porter
Kendra Anderson
Words To Meditate By

meditation exercise
Dalai Lama On Fighting Back
Rules For Being Human
Cover Art


Summer 2003
June, July, August

Non-Duality Vs. Religion
Stanley Sobottka Emeritus
Intuitive Knowing
Jamie Kessler
Reclaiming Mysticism
Alesia Matsen
Ancient Advancements
Bill Timm
Healing & The Brain
Susan Vaughn
The Roots Of War
Eli Jaxon-Bear
Kendra Anderson
I'll Be Happy When...



April, May 2003

In Light Of Our Hearts
metaphysical poetry)
Jeremy Chapman
Are You On Fire?
Alesia Matsen, D.D.
What Matters
Stillness & The Mind
Devon Love
Listen To Silence
Eli Jaxon-Bear
The Benefits Of Community
Susan Vaughn
Kendra Anderson
Pamela Johnson


December, January 2002-03

In The Light In Our Hearts
(metaphysical poetry)
Jeremy Chapman


October, November 2002

Physical Experiences Are Filtered Down Soul Experiences
Seth Quote by Jane Roberts
In The Arms Of The Beloved
(metaphysical poetry) Rumi
Waking Up Is Painless
Max McMullen
Motion Nebulae
(metaphysical poetry) Angela Porter
October/November Horoscope
Kendra Anderson
The Invitation
Falon Gong
Bill Timm
What Would Happen If...
Alesia Matson
What Channeling Means
Vikee Vaughn
Daily Life & Stillness
Christine Breese D.D., Ph.D.
Conscious Dreaming
Susan Vaughn
To Accept Or Not To Accept?
Michaela Vargas

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How can you know if something is true? See how it feels in your heart. If it doesn't feel right, it's not for you. If it feels perfect, it was meant for you!



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