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What kind of human are you? An adventurer? Let life be your adventure and let consciousness be your guide.


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You are supported in your journey with love and kindness.


ayahuasca retreat

Overview of Ayahuasca & San Pedro Retreats
Ayahuasca & San Pedro Ceremony Retreats, at Gaia Sagrada

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If you are interested in experiencing a real Shamanic Ayahuasca Ceremony or San Pedro Ceremony, with an authentic Ecuadorian Shaman, Gaia Sagrada offers you this exquisite experience and adventure in consciousness.

You will have the chance to truly dive into the mysteries of the universe within you and find out more than you would have ever thought you could. You can know more than you think you can know as a human about the mind of God, how the universe works, and how to walk the dimensions.

You are supported in your journey with love and kindness, and you will have a true adventure in consciousness during these 13 days. This is a life changing event, a retreat that will change how you see yourself and life. Be ready to meet yourself at levels you never thought possible.

Ayahuasca is an ancient method of healing used by the indigenous populations of South America, an hallucinogen used in sacred ceremony by shamanic healers and their associates. The shamans use plant medicines (teacher plants, power plants) from the Earth. A connection to the spirit worlds is achieved through an altered state of consciousness.

This is your chance to walk in other dimensions and explore the multi-faceted nature of consciousness first hand.

Ayahuasca & San Pedro Ceremonies

1 Day Intensive Ayahuasca & San Pedro Ceremony Retreat

This is for people who live in Ecuador or are locals from Cuenca or nearby towns, or guests passing through who have wanted to meet Ayahuasca. This entails staying overnight and leaving after breakfast the next day. Do some cleansing before you come and don't eat breakfast or lunch. If you do eat something for breakfast, make sure it is light and eat very early so it is fully digested later in the day. It will make a big difference in your experience if you have a completely empty stomach and have abstained from heavy foods for at least three days before you ingest plant medicines.

Contact Gaia Sagrada for one night ceremony stays if you are a local in Ecuador.

12-Day Intensive Ayahuasca & San Pedro Ceremony Retreats

You will be on a Shamanic Dieta for the duration of the Ayahuasca Retreat. You will also have much support for your process during the entire 12 days. You will have plenty of alone and quiet time, as well as plenty of interaction with others and support from a loving staff. This is a chance to make some long lasting friendships and change your world view, as well as your view of yourself. Meditation and yoga will also be part of this adventure in consciousness.

The 12 Day Intensive Ayahuasca & San Pedro Retreat includes both Ayahuasca ceremonies and San Pedro ceremonies. There is not a pre-determined number of either ceremony as it depends on how many of each the shaman and the individuals of the group call for. Normally it is 3 Ayahausca ceremonies and 2 San Pedro ceremonies, and sometimes participants make their own choice on the journey they decide to do individually.

By having both plant medicine experiences, it creates balance. Ayshuasca is the feminine aspect, and San Pedro is the male aspect. Sometimes, a daytime ceremony is undertaken in order to experience nature deeply if an individual decides he or she wants to experience it.

We give you the opportunity to experience more than one shaman, and all shamans we invite to Gaia Sagrada are registered and experiences shamans. We work with true healers.


Sky's the limit with your imagination.
Let it run!


ayahuasca retreat


Be ready to meet yourself at levels you never thought possible.


gaia sagrada


You can know more than you think you can know as a human about the mind of God, how the universe works, and how to walk the dimensions.


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