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Whenever you can, gather new experiences in order to expand your knowledge of the reality you are in. With this, you can be more effective in this reality.

Ayahuasca Experiences, Stories
& What To Expect

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Besides direct Ayahuasca experiences, the best way to know what to expect from an experience with Ayahuasca is to read the Ayahuasca stories of others. You can find vast amounts of stories and experiences on the internet if you just search for Ayahuasca experiences, or Ayahuasca stories, or even Ayahuasca what to expect.

You will find that a lot of people have offered their Ayahuasca experiences in blogs, forums and websites without limit. We will list a few of the blogs, forums and websites below where you can find some stories of Ayahuasca experiences, but in no way is this the limit. There are many places you can find this information if other people's experiences are something you are interested in reading. Again, the only way to truly know Ayahuasca is to have your own direct experience, of course.

We encourage you to not be dismayed if you read about bad experiences because it is not unusual that a person's first journey is rather dark, confusing and even brings tears. This is because deep healing must take place and you must be willing to look into places you might rather not look. It literally takes about 3-4 journeys before you get to the lighter sides of Ayahuasca, or at least you are out of the traumas that you need to heal in your heart and mind.

If healing cancer or other serious illnesses, you might need as many as 15-20 journeys, because this is very deep healing that has to do with the physical body, not just the heart and mind. It depends on how fast you can process what comes up.

So if you read a person's experience and they say Ayahuasca is not what they hoped for, you will notice that this person usually had only 1-2 journeys and did not like what they saw. If a person is not ready to face the darker aspects of self, painful or traumatic memories that need healing, or look at the faults within oneself, Ayahuasca is not going to be a pleasant experience. All baggage must be left at the door, and sometimes that takes a few journeys before a person learns how to work with Ayahuasca (instead of against it) and can then move into the lighter areas of self. Ayahuasca first goes into your closets and cleans house! This is why Ayhausca is so healing.

Here are some of the sources you can look to if you want to read about the Ayahuasca stories and Ayahuasca experiences of others.

Ayahuasca Stories & Ayahuasca Experiences

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Expereinces and stories are all we leave life with, so gather as many as you can before you leave this fascinating place called Earth!


ayahuasca experiences

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