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When it rains it pours in Ecuador, and we collect all the rainwater from every rooftop on the property in rain gutters and tanks below them.



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Rainwater, Bathrooms & Showers

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Collection of Rainwater & Bio-Sand Filters
When it rains it pours in Ecuador, and we collect all the rainwater from every rooftop on the property in rain gutters and tanks below them. Then the water is purified through bio-sand filters and put in the water tanks for irrigation and use in other areas on the land. When it rains, we can fill our tanks entirely and not even use community water from the mountains if we don’t want to. Ecuador is quite abundant in water, and it isn’t a coincidence that all of Ecuador’s electricity is generated by hydro-electric dams in the country. There is plenty of water.

Grey Water Distribution
The community shower house is used by everyone at this time in order to distribute the grey water to the places where it is re-used. This conserves water usage by a large amount of people in a small mountain community. There is a spring which distributes potable water throughout the community and we don't want to tax their systems with too many people using a lot of water for things that don't require potable water, like toilets. Grey water is run through gravel and sand, lightly chlorinated, and re-used in the toilets in order to cut down on our water usage. Shower water is still fairly clean water, so we might as well re-use it in the toilets before it goes to the septic tank.

That is why there are not more rooms or cabins with private showers in them, even though some rooms we are building have a toilet and sink in them. The shower water in many different rooms would be difficult to collect, requires complicated piping systems, and would not be as easy to distribute throughout the property. In order to keep costs down, at this time we request that everyone use the community shower house so that all grey water from showers goes into the tank below the building and then can be redistributed. We only have the resources to build one of these systems at this time.

We have created guilt-free flush toilets by redistributing grey water from the community shower house. The other options for living gently on the Earth entailed outhouses or composting toilets, but outhouses collect bugs, spiders and flies, can smell bad if not properly maintained and scare most people who are from the city. Composting toilets are not available in Ecuador without high import fees, so that was not an option either.

While we have composting outhouses in the outer reaches of the land where hiking occurs, we have grey water toilets at the more central areas of the property. This is a gentle way of reusing grey water before it flows to the septic tanks underground. Might as well!

If you look in the toilet, the water won’t be dirty at all, and you won’t even notice that it is grey water. We filter it in order to get everything out, but we don’t purify it enough to use for drinking. We only use potable water from the community for consumption.



Live Gently on the Earth.



Gaia Sagrada



All of Ecuador’s electricity is generated by hydro-electric dams.



gaia sagrada

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