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Iglesia Serenidad y Paz


Iglesia Serenidad y Paz services are centered around Meditation, both guided and silent. Meditation is deep communion with God.


Iglesia Serenidad y Paz


God is your consciousness, and you are God's expression of that consciousness.

Iglesia Serenidad y Paz
(Church of Serenity and Peace)

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Iglesia Serenidad y Paz holds meditation services at Gaia Sagrada. The name of the church translates as Iglesia (church) Serenidad (serenity) y (and) Paz (peace). This church does not adhere to one particular belief system. All beliefs are invited.

Iglesia Serenidad y Paz Creedo

  • Definition of God: All That Is, both dark and light, earthly and heavenly. God is One Self. The universe and all its dimensions are reflections of the activity in God's mind. We are all thoughts in the mind of God, experiencing individuality even though we are still One in the body of God. Each of us are a miniature holographic version of God and the universe within. Each of us are awakening to the realization of our true eternal nature as consciousness that never dies and cannot be harmed, no matter what happens in a human life.
  • God is One Being, and we are all part of that One Self. As humanity awakens, our Oneness becomes more and more evident. This is the true nature of God, unity.
  • All beings are in the likeness of God. To know God, we must study our own consciousness.
  • God is not outside of anyone or anything. God is the consciousness of all beings and objects, animate and inanimate.
  • We each must take responsibility for the reality we have created and also take responsibility for changing it if we are not happy with it. We believe in the law of cause and effect, and only by changing our inner landscape can we change the outer landscape. We do that by making peace with ourselves and the past, forgiving ourselves for mistakes, and moving on into a beautiful present moment, awake and aware, which then creates a beautiful future. We take responsibility for everything in our personal lives, and we also take responsibility for changing it. Thus we change the world for the better, individual by individual.
  • All are here to expand consciousness and attain the abilities of unconditional love and forgiveness. We practice compassion for our fellow human beings, no matter what state of consciousness or development they are in. Even the "bad guys" are a part of God, albeit unhealed or unwhole, and must be given the chance to return to love.
  • Freewill is to be honored at all times. At no time should our ideals be forced upon any other individual or group against their will. Iglesia Serenidad y Paz operates by invitation into love, and never by aggressive persuasion. Freewill is a God given right that each individual has. All paths are considered valid for the individuals that walk them, and there are many ways to experiencing communion with God, not just ours.
  • God is all inclusive and allows everything. This is so that God can get to know itself, through your experiences as an individual. Even mistakes are tolerated by God, since that is part of the learning process. God is your consciousness, and you are God's expression of that consciousness.
  • Duality is just one aspect of creation where the laws of cause and effect are in place, but in reality, non-duality is the bigger picture. This is a place where all is accepted as part of God's experience, both good and bad, and in fact are not even labeled as good or bad because in non-duality there is no such thing. Only experience.



Iglesia Serenidad y Paz adheres to the principles of integrity, allowing free will of all individuals, and embracing all spiritual paths as valid, not just our own.


Iglesia Serenidad y Paz



All beings are in the likeness of God. To know God, we must study our own consciousness.



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