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Even the small things change the world for the better. Reach the part of the universe that you can reach, and you will make a difference, even if you can only do small things to help others.


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Donations to Llazhatan & Jadan Communities

Fill out the form below or feel free to use our
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Email form to or fax to 707-676-9131. Mail: Gaia Sagrada / UMS, P.O. Box 4505, Arcata, CA 95518

If you would like to help the Ecuadorian communities around Gaia Sagrada Spiritual Retreat Center, please feel free to fill out our donation form. A tax deductible receipt will be sent to you.


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(It is a good idea to give us more than one email and telephone number if possible so we can still reach you if you made a mistake on one.)

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Donations are accepted by Wisdom of the Heart Church 501(c)3 and University of Metaphysical Sciences of the USA, then distributed to Gaia Sagrada (Wisdom of the Heart Church is a co-sponsor of Gaia Sagrada and Iglesia Serenidad y Paz in Ecuador).

Check or Money Order
Make check or money order to Wisdom of the Heart Church and let us know this is a Gaia Sagrada Ecuadorian Community donation. Send checks to: Wisdom of the Heart Church, P.O. Box 4505, Arcata, CA 95518, 707-822-2111

If you chose Paypal, please send payment to: and put a note in the memo part of the transaction that this is a donation to the Gaia Sagrada Ecuadorian Communities fund.

Credit Card
If you would like to pay by credit card, please call University of Metaphysical Sciences offices at 707-822-2111 to process your credit card.

Other Payment Type
If you have another way you would like to donate, for instance wire transfer, additional funds at the time of registration for an event, or any other way you would like to transfer funds, please contact University of Metaphysical Sciences at 707-822-2111 or

Thank you!
You are making a difference in someone's life!

Why would you like to donate to the Llazhatan and Jadan communities in Ecuador? What inspired you? We would love to know! (optional)

Thank you so very much for assisting these wonderful country people in the surrounding Ecuadorian communities of Llazhatan and Jadan. We will make sure your money makes a real difference in their lives, and we keep none of it for ourselves, not even administrative fees.

With Immense Gratitude



To give is to recieve in your heart. To help another is to help yourself. If all are one, then helping another is literally helping your own Oneself aspects. If others are healthy and happy, so are you!


gaia sagrada


Making a difference in the world is something all of us can do. If everyone does a little, the sum is always greater than its parts.

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